What is a lunar eclipse?

Eclipse is a joint astronomical event. One can know the eclipse such that a ‘lunar eclipse’ happens when the Earth comes between the Moon and the sun. The lunar eclipse always occurs on the full moon day. The fourth sub obscuration lunar eclipse will take a spot on 29 November. 

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Lunar eclipse(Chandra Grahan) 2020: 

The third lunar eclipse of this year is taking place on 5 July 2020. Let me tell you, a lunar eclipse is going to happen on Sunday, 5 July. This lunar eclipse is viewed in Sagittarius. According to the Hindu calendar, on this timeline, the sun will be in Gemini, and the full moon date will remain. According to astrology, two or more eclipses in a month are not considered auspicious.

Because on the one hand, the country is facing the disaster of Corona, on the other side, this year’s eclipse is going to fall on the holy festival of Guru Purnima, in this way, scientists and astrologers see this lunar eclipse as an event. Understanding this importance, today we will give you every information about the third eclipse of the year 2020

Sutak period:

During the Sutak period, any systematic and promising work is prevented. It is believed that the Sun and Moon become distressed at the time of the eclipse, but the Sutak session will not be valid in this eclipse. Because this eclipse is a shadow eclipse. Sutak period is not correct in this.

In which countries will the lunar eclipse be seen?

The lunar eclipse on 5 July will be seen in India, some places in South Asia, America, Europe and Australia. Please tell, this day is also the festival of Guru Purnima.

Lunar eclipse time:

This eclipse will begin at 8:38 am on 5 July. The duration of this lunar eclipse will be 2 hours 43 minutes and 24 seconds.

Lunar Eclipses in 2019:

20-21 Jan Toal Lunar Eclipse

16-17 July Partial Lunar Eclipse

11-12 Nov Mercury Transit

Lunar Eclipses in 2020:

10-11 Jan Lunar Eclipse

5-6 Jun Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

4-5 July Lunar Eclipse

29-30 Nov Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipses In 2021:

26 May Total Lunar Eclipse

18-19 Nov Partial Lunar Eclipse

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