Akshay Navami celebrated on the Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This year, on November 23, Akshay Navami is being celebrated tomorrow. It believed that women worship the Amla tree and sit under it and pray for the protection of the family. Also, bathing in holy rivers has special significance on Akshay Navami.

What is the festival of Akshaya Navami (Aawla Navami):

After nine days of Diwali, Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month is called Akshay Navami, and Amla tree worshipped on this day. Hence it is also called Aavla Navami.

The virtue did on the day of Akshay Navami never ends. Whatever auspicious work such as charity, worship, devotion, service performed on this day. Their virtues attained till many births.

Immortal fruit of Kartik month:

The immortal fruit of Kartik is the name of that fruit which is Aawla. It believed that Lord Shankaracharya had converted this fruit into gold, so it thought that the qualities of gold are found inside this fruit, if this It is very beneficial to use fruits in the winter season, especially during the month of Kartik. By using it, you get good health, beauty and age. him

Consumption in winter does not lead to early ageing and increases immunity. That is why it is also called immortal fruit.

How to worship Aawla tree:

According to the Padam Purana, on the day of Akshay Navami, Lord Vishnu and Shiva reside in the Amla tree. The Amla tree worshipped before sunrise by bathing it, offering milk in the root of the gooseberry with roly, intact, floral, smell etc. Worship the sacred tree methodically. After this, make seven rounds of Amla tree and light the lamp. After that, the story should be heard or read. According to Padma Purana, this sacred fruit considered to be pleasing and encouraging to Lord Sri Vishnu.

Mythical significance of Aavla Navami:

It is described in the Puranas that on the day of Akshaya Navami, Lord Vishnu killed a monster named Kushmandaka. Also, on the day of Akshay Navami, Shri Krishna orbited three forests before killing Kamsa. On the day of Amla Navami, people revolve around Mathura-Vrindavan and also make Jagratas at night. It believed that Dwapara Yuga started from this day.

What to do on this day:

On this day, you must donate the potter, contribute the gooseberry or provide food to a poor person.

Start Amla Eat from this day.

And planting more trees of amla will get good benefits.

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