According to the directions, worship is done only after worshipping the deity

When we place God in our house with faith and faith, we also wish happiness and prosperity for the family. May the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses remain at home, to get the full benefit of the pooja, the house of worship must be according to the Vastu rules. Otherwise, you may have to face problems instead of benefiting from the wrong direction of prayer. Is. Mental clarity and direction of wisdom is the ideal place to worship North-East (Ishaan) because this angle is associated with promising effects of East and north direction.

Always follow directions:

In general, while performing the puja, the face should be facing east or north. said in the Vastu texts that the worship is complete the north direction for the attainment of wealth, and the east path for the achievement of knowledge gives miraculous benefits. Although each way has its gods, who represent that direction, therefore, it is best to worship in that particular direction to get the blessings of the deity of that area.

For Healing:

Worshipping Lord Dhanvantari, Ashwini Kumar and rivers in the north-north-east direction of health provides excellent health and happiness.

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Please Do this work at the place of worship

The lighting of lamps and conch shells should be done regularly in the morning and evening in the area of prayer. By doing this, the negative energy will be finished, and an atmosphere of happiness and harmony will be an accretion in the family. The use of a sattvic colour like light green, yellow, purple or cream colour gives peace of mind.

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