According to the astrologer, this Khandagras solar eclipse is benefiting Aries, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn. Aries will get wealth, Leo will get benefits, Virgo and Capricorn will get happiness. It is moderate for the rest of the zodiac signs. However, the effect of this eclipse will last only one month. Zodiac signs for which this eclipse is not auspicious should not be seen.

 Middle: Closing at 12.10 pm will be seen in Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia and Congo, including India at 2.02 pm. ‘Partial solar eclipse will be seen in Dehradun, Sirsa and Tehri in India’

Solar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes’ rays emanating from the sun can damage the eyes. Therefore special instruments should be used to view it. Do not do any auspicious work at the time of eclipse ‘At the time of the eclipse, neither should eat anything nor drink anything’ Before the eclipse, you should put basil leaves in the food and drink items’ remembrance of the Lord during the eclipse period Do religious work while doing puja, chanting, charity etc. ‘Worship of Sun, Aditya Hridayasroth, Chanting of Gayatri Mantra’ As soon as the eclipse period of eclipse, cover the place of worship in the house ‘Take a bath after the eclipse ends and the location of prayer Also clean and spray Ganga water

Circumstances will gradually adapt:

According to the astrologer, there was a solar eclipse on December 26 last year. The second solar eclipse is after six months. During this time, the position of planetary transits cannot be said to be very good. Due to this many kinds of disasters, epidemics, Asauhardra in public, enemy nuisance while conspiracies from Rahu, diseases have kept the country busy. These things will decrease after this solar eclipse. This eclipse will be in Gemini, while Rahu is also in Gemini. Rahu will depart from Gemini on September 25. That is the circumstances after this.

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