The energy healing techniques are as varied as the energy healers that perform them. One can heal with their hands, their eyes, their voice, their energy field, their whole body and their intention. On this page, however, I will focus on teaching you some basic methods that your hands use to heal. Although you will want to study and practice to be competent, this page will help you get started. With these energy healing techniques, you should feel comfortable starting to work with pure healing and wellness issues for you and your close family and friends. The power of intention, no matter what form the healing takes, the plan is at its base. Our purpose is incredibly powerful and far more important than any specific energy healing technique we use. Establish a plan to heal, support the highest good of the client (whether you or someone else), remain without attachment to the result – this is the foundation of all other healing work. Always start with intentions and ask the client what their specifics are for healing. It does not necessarily have to be shared with you, but you must take them into account. Basic techniques of energy healing:

 Scanning the field

 Scanning is an energy healing technique that involves running your hands over the energy field, a few inches to a few feet from the physical body, to collect information and evaluate the area. With your open palms turned toward the client’s body, move your hands along the front of the body, starting about 4-5 inches apart. It generally moves from head to toe. Stay relaxed and open and attentive to the sensations in your hands. You may feel buzzing, heat, cold, bumps, falls, pushing, pulling, or any other feelings. You can get intuitive information, or you may be attracted to particular chakras or body areas. Just note no need to interpret or “diagnose”.

Motionless hands

One of the most basic healing techniques is to use hand placement to clear and regulate unbalanced or non-harmonious energy.

With your hands on the physical body or on the field, simply keep your hands and move them very lightly over an area where the energy is disturbed. Your intention here should be to return power to balance, flow, and coherence. At some point, the heat will feel smooth or harmonious again, or you will have the feeling that it is time to move on.

If it is not resolved in a reasonable period, it may be that disharmony is a necessary part of a more extensive healing process. In that case, release him to higher wisdom and move on.

This is a very natural process. For example, everyone has been injured and automatically placed their hand or held the injured place. That is an instinctive form of modulation. Reiki is another form of energy healing that relies heavily on sound or the use of “still hands.”

Sweep or smooth hands

This essential energy healing technique uses moving hands to smooth and clear the field when you feel disturbed, agitated, buzzing, rough, blocked, shaking, or otherwise disharmonious and unbalanced. It helps return energy to its natural state of movement, flow, and harmony. To do this, move your open palms repeatedly in a sweeping, smoothing motion across the field. Generally speaking, move your hands from above the area you are working in, well beyond.

A sequence that often works well is to sweep the entire field for a while, then direct your attention to particular places that seem to need additional support (such as an area of ​​pain or injury or a place where energy is disturbed), and then to end up sweeping the entire field again for a while You can often feel the power soften as you work with it.

Energy pump

When excess energy has accumulated in an area of the body or field, the hands can be used to “pump” or “drain” the heat, helping to rebalance the area. This method of energy healing can be particularly helpful for headaches, wounds, and other types of pain. Place your right hand (if right-handed) on the field over the area of pain or excess energy. Keep your left hand out and away from you, pointing towards the ground. Maintain the intention to draw excess heat in your right hand and send it to earth through your left hand. You may be able to feel the flow of energy. If you feel the energy flow decrease before the client’s pain has significantly decreased, you can gently “pump” your left hand, making a gentle fist and reopening it several times in rapid succession.


An energy healing technique to extract unwanted energy from the field (for example, the power of another person, a drug, a disease, a traumatic experience, etc.), is to use your hands as magnets.

With your hands over the area that needs this treatment, set the intention to draw the negative energy from the body. Visualize it or feel how the client’s body/field is removed and “sticks” to their hands. Occasionally, move your hands towards the ground to get rid of the energy.

If you want to treat the whole body/field, repeatedly run your hands across the ground along the entire body, in most cases moving from above the head to beyond the feet. Imagine the unwanted energy stuck to your hands. Use your hands similar to a rake (with your fingers or power fingers acting as the teeth of the rake). Occasionally, move your hands toward the ground to dissipate the accumulated energy in your hands. You will often feel that the client’s energy becomes very soft. This is very similar to smoothing the field, but with a slightly different intention.


We can do energy work in many ways. Proper breathing work is the key to any healing technique.

Self-care after healing

Just as important as the energy healing techniques you use for others,  the methods you use to take care of yourself are much more essential. After healing, wash your hands up to your elbows with cold water. If you feel like you’ve inadvertently taken on your client’s pain or energy, here are some things you can do:

1. Take a quick walk.

2. Say characteristics about yourself out loud.

3. Imagine your essence as a beautiful light within your body / field. 4.

4. Place it somewhere in particular

5. Visualize it growing and expanding, first to fill your body, then to fill your field.

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