Shivalinga Puja and Sawan

As we know, Sawan Somvaar has started from 6th July, and tomorrow is the second Monday of Sawan on 13th July. The month of Sawan is the worship of Shivji and fulfilment of wishes.

It is believed that Bhole Shankar is pleased and gives the desired groom due to the worship performed in this month. In such a situation, if you are not able to do a particular religion of Shivji throughout the month of Sawan, then only by doing special worship on these five Mondays will you get extraordinary kindness. if you want to know more about Sawan month please also read our previous blog ‘Sawan 2020: Mahadev’s holy month‘ Click Here

According to astrology:

According to Indian astrology, the second Monday of Sawan is going to be fruitful for all. Worshipping Lord Shiva on this day will bring good health and strength to the devotees. Name and fame will increase, and the economic side will be secure.


The second Monday of Savan starts from sunrise to dusk. On this fast, take a bath in the morning and wear green and white clothes and remember Lord Shiva by staying away from anger and jealousy throughout the day. After worshipping Lord Shiva on the fasting day, it is also beneficial to listen to the story of Monday. It is believed that fasting on Mondays in the month of Savan gives the results of fasting on Mondays of the whole year.

Importance of Monday of Sawan:

Lord Shankar dearest month of Sawan, According to the old views, whoever worships Lord Shiva with love in the month of Sawan, all his dreams are achieved.

Marriage is also sweet due to Monday fast:

If any problem between husband and wife in the house, then you should not be disturbed. On the Monday of Sawan, the husband and wife should join together to anoint Lord Shiva Shankar from Panchamrit throughout the month of Sawan. Perform special puja on the Monday of Savan. Also, chant the 7 Parvati Patye Namah Mantra 108 times on the rosary of Rudraksha. Apart from this, light a lamp of cow’s ghee in the evening in the temple of Lord Shiva near the house.

Keep these things in mind during Monday worship:

The month of Sawan is extraordinary, and Monday has special significance. Nowadays, the risk of corona infection is increased, in such a situation, do not go to the temple and try to worship Shiva at home and keep in mind some extraordinary things while praying.

1. Those who keep a fast on Monday during the month of Sawan should not use basil and ketki flowers while worshipping.

2. Also, the devotees should give up their milk. Lord Shiva is worshipped in Savan by offering milk, so avoid consuming milk.

3. Never offer turmeric and kumkum on Shivling and do not bathe Shiva with coconut water.

4. Apart from this, bronze and brass utensils should be used while doing Jalabhishek to Shiva.

5. Eating brinjal is not considered useful in the spring, so those who worship Shiva should avoid eating brinjal.

Mode of worship:

It is considered very fruitful to worship Shiva with bell-leaf, datura, hemp and honey after taking a bath early in the morning to worship Lord Shiva on the second Monday of Sawan. Along with this, the benefits of offering Jalabhishek and flowers on Shivling are also dim. On the second Monday of the monsoon, you can also provide the flowers of data to Lord Shiva, and this will fulfil your every wish.

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