According to astrology, this eclipse is in Sagittarius and Purvashada constellation. This eclipse is not visible in the year of India. Still, it is not visible in India, but see the moon affects our life very profoundly. Not only in India, but the moon also is the same for our earth, and it is getting changed in lunar eclipse so that it will have a profound and significant impact on all of us, its effect will remain till 20 July. 

Those who want to know that if an eclipse is felt today, till the 20th, this eclipse will be affected, on what amount this eclipse will be affected, let us have a look that for the next 15 days on different zodiac signs What will be its impact?

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on different zodiac signs:

Arise-If you talk about Aries, then people of this zodiac should be careful in their trips, people of Aries should be cautious in their journeys and avoid accidental accidents.

Taurus-People who are from Taurus zodiac till 20 July will take great care of their marital life, at this time you may have an operation or injury may happen, it will be perfect for you to maintain a little caution at this time.

Gemini-Talking about Gemini, you have to take surpassing care of your love and your marital life, do not have difficulties in matters of love, do not have problems in the case of married life, take care of it, and if you are a businessman then you are in business Can cause significant damage, so stay alert, be careful. If you are a businessman, do not be negligent in the matter of business, you have to take care of your health, there may be some problems in your lawsuit and career.

Cancer: People of Cancer have to take great care of their health, there may be some difficulties in the loan lawsuit and career, although there is a possibility of change in your career at this time and if you try this change will prove to be very good for you. Time is a little pressure, and it will be beneficial in the future, the eclipse is not showing such a harmful effect for you.

LEO: – in the term of Leo, you may have problems on the part of children, there may be differences in views, there may be additional disputes, take care of it, take care in the interests of money and property, where is the money being spent at the moment? There is no problem with it, and it will be essential for you to to take care of it.

Virgo: You get a chance to go on a journey till 20 July before July, so you should be careful in your travel; it will be perfect for you in the journey, your problems may come in the job, so do not do anything that will leave your job, you will be unemployed. If it is done and by the way, if the time is not very good for the jobseekers, then the girl should be a little alert about the job.

Libra: – Talking about Libra zodiac, you and your opponents will be calm at this time, you will not be able to stand in front of you, what you are trying in your career at this time, you can see that you are getting the desired success in your career.

Scorpio: – Family matters, problems of the eyes may bother you, you have to be conscious about your health because the health issue is not looking very good for you. Money and property may be lost, and money is stolen, property It is necessary to keep in mind that cash gets drowned in this way.

Sagittarius: – If you are going on a journey or going to travel, then the carriage will be driven carefully, and if you take special care during your trip, it will be perfect for you. Any negligence of people of Sagittarius will be very good for you. If not, it would be better to be very bad for negligence in a career. Do not be negligent.

Capricorn: People of Capricorn will have to avoid eye problems and stomach problems, new partners may come, anything can be a good start, keep in mind that some accidental money can be spent.

Aquarius: – This Eclipse is perfect for Aquarius, a new dawn will be strengthened, and career will also improve, which are your enemies and your opponents, they will be defeated one by one. Then you walk correctly.

Pisces: Look at the effect of the eclipse on the last zodiac sign, you will take care of problems in your career, and if you make any decisions that are going to be taken at this time, you will be very careful in taking decisions. Because, at this time, Pisces will have a lot of career change options and if you make the right decision in that change, it will be perfect for you.

What to do after the Lunar Eclipse ends:-

Due to which, any harmful effect of the eclipse should not have any adverse impact on you. When the eclipse ends, you will take a bath. After the eclipse ends, take a shower and worship Lord Shiva after bathing. It will be perfect, and the maximum eclipse will end Even after chanting Namah Shivaya, after this, you will donate the items related to the moon if a poor person gives rice, sugar, silver or coconut milk to a poor person in a temple. The harmful effects of the lunar eclipse will not be on you. Will have to do this.

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