In this year The last lunar eclipse (Lunar Eclipse 2020) is going to take place on today. This lunar eclipse is a sublime lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan 2020). By the way, We have already told you about the eclipse and its type to know more, See here  ECLIPSES 2020: WHEN, WHERE & HOW TO SEE THEM? 

When and where will appear:

Time of lunar eclipse today:

Eclipse Start – 30 November 1:04 PM

Eclipse Medieval – 30 November at 3:00 pm

Eclipse ends – 30 November at 5: 22 pm

 in this lunar eclipse, Sutak period will not be valid due to a lunar eclipse. In Hinduism, a lunar eclipse is a religious event which has special significance in religious terms.

Will be a visible lunar eclipse in India, America, Pacific Ocean, Asia and Australia.

 Lunar eclipse affects the zodiac signs:

This Chandra Grahan will be in Taurus and Rohani constellation, which will affect all zodiac signs. That is, it will have the most impact on the zodiac signs of Taurus. It is said in astrology that whenever the moon is affected by a person’s life, he goes through a difficult period. However, there is also a solution. Jyotishacharya says that there is no need to fear the impact of the moon. The natives of Taurus zodiac need to take a little care at the time of the eclipse and a few days back and forth as well as health Will also have to be taken care of.

Do’s and Don’ts during a lunar eclipse:

During the lunar eclipse, sit calmly in the house and meditate on your Goddess. Stay away from addictions and other evils during this and this day. If there is a disturbance, the mind during this time, contact the astrologer and ask for a solution.

It believed that with the arrival of the sootak period of the lunar eclipse, the food items present in the house also contaminated, so eating and drinking anything is prohibited during this period. The good thing is that this time there will not be a Sutak period. Brahmacharya should follow. During the lunar eclipse, do not pass through or near the crematorium or such haunted places like ruins or deserted houses etc.

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