Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is known to somehow take on the different attributes of all the other 11 Signs. The romantic sign is known for its charming side and creative vision, which for some is like free-flowing poetry, while for others it is similar to a fresh floral flower. Many find that generous and compassionate Pisces are selfless, while others may feel that they (born in Pisces) are a bit stiff or fixed. Pisces, like the symbol of two fish, lined up to swim in the opposite direction, paradoxes abound. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is seen living in a world of its own; they tend to be independent, spiritual, and quite focused on their internal journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony. Known for effortlessly riding the waves without causing turmoil, the Pisces natives hate confrontations. They prefer to take roundabouts, instead and would do everything possible to avoid conflict.


Modest and calm, they love to have and foster a feeling of security and comfort around them. These natives love their comfort and are also wonderful parents. Affectionate, loving and loyal, Pisces are often a delight in love, unless they lead to a negative manifestation (of their personality) or, often hopelessly, fall in love. For them, love is more about giving to others rather than receiving.

However tolerant, respectful and forgiving, Pisces, however, can be too timid in their ways, and this can make them ill-treated or taken for granted or betrayal. Pisces also find it difficult to change their established forms, and they are quite loose and passive. In his negative behavior, pisces can lead to complete inaction, hedonism, revenge, and/or multiple relationships.


During the period from February 19 to March 20, the Sun transits from Pisces. People born during this period are often observed to be selfless, spiritual, liberal, compassionate, and empathetic. Those born in Pisces are very sensitive, creative, intuitive and have what it takes to achieve their goals.

However, sometimes they tend to be overly emotional, which is generally a big hurdle on their way. Furthermore, they often fail to differentiate reality from fantasy, mainly because they are more often trapped in their perfect and idealistic worlds.


Pisces natives have a very delicate physical structure. Your feet, respiratory and circulatory systems can cause concerns.

Furthermore, they are very sensitive people, and they easily take junk food, which can lead to weight gain and can also lead to addictions. Even small seasonal changes can negatively affect your health. Potential hazards are in the feet, which can suffer rheumatism or circulatory problems. Anatomically Pisces corresponds to feet and toes; the lymphatic system, all extremities in general, the duodenum and the cecum; bones in the feet and toes; muscles that govern the movement of the feet and toes; arteries in the feet and limbs; veins in the feet and extremities.


Pisces tend to fall into melancholy if not listened to, or a kind of pessimism that can lead to wear and tear procrastination, and lethargy. Pisces has a carefree approach to many things in life. Charming as they are, those born in Pisces are known and appreciated for their generous and compassionate nature. However, they find it very difficult to comply with strict rules or maintain a certain discipline. In all likelihood, those born in Pisces will flee and hide when it is overwhelming; on the contrary, the weakest are likely to immerse themselves in alcohol and drugs to escape. The most intelligent born in Pisces will let their emotions out by immersing themselves in music or poetry or through the creative arts; however, most of them rarely open up to those around them personally. In dealing with the real world, fish can become impractical at times, and may also feel somewhat awkward, yet they are quite independent and brave. As disinterested as they are, fish can easily get confused and can hardly do things.


Spiritual issues and occult science affect them greatly, and they love to immerse themselves in these issues. To express their emotions, Pisces let their creative juices flow. Therefore, these sensitive souls can reach fantastic heights, if they choose to pursue a career in performing arts. Furthermore, considering how compassionate and charitable they are, Ganesha feels that Pisces can do well in the medical field. However, their stubborn independent streak rarely allows them to depend on others. When distracted by the typical boring routine, they seek inspiration so that they can focus again and do their best. Pisces simply don’t like to chase money owed, as they expect it to be returned voluntarily

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