An astronomical event will occur on Sunday amid the Corona epidemic.

The first solar eclipse of the year 2020, Ashada month on Sunday, Amavasya Tithi is being held tomorrow. In the Mrigasira and Ardra constellation, Gemini, this Khandagras solar eclipse will be conical and annular. 

 At the beginning of the eclipses, the solar eclipse of this year is going to take place on Sunday. A solar eclipse Such a view is rarely seen on Earth. The Sun will be Visible like a fire ring. It will be a not complete eclipse. This eclipse will be visible in North India. It can also be seen in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Kurukshetra, Chamoli, Sirsa, Suratgarh.

Apart from India, the effect of the solar eclipse will be seen in Japan, China, Europe, Russia and Arab countries. However, the period of the eclipse at different places will be different. According to Indian time, the eclipse time of the solar eclipse will be at 9.16 am on Sunday, 21 June, and the salvation time will be at 3:15 pm afternoon. The eclipse period will be active from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Its stake will start from 10:20 pm on Saturday, June 20. Its mass will be 95.2%. Due to this eclipse, there will be a frozen state on earth. This eclipse will be harmful to the world.

This eclipse is going to happen on the biggest day of the year. When the Moon enters between the Earth and the Sun and completely covers the central part of an annular solar eclipse. As a result, the circle of the Sun appears like a glowing ring. Due to the eclipse, there is a thread. The temples will remain closed till 4 pm today, including in the roots, including Lucknow. do you want to know more about Eclipses please visit our blog Eclipses 2020: When, Where & How to see them?.

Worship the sun in eclipse:

During the eclipse period, recitation of Lord Surya-Upasana, Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Suryashtaak Stotra etc. Surya Stotra and Guru Mantra should be chanted. There is also the importance of bathing after eclipses. While the eclipse is visible for some time, it is recognized only for that period.

Special attention is to be given to pregnant women:

Pregnant women should avoid stimulating activities like cutting vegetables, sleeping, papad barking, and be happy while reciting religious texts. By this, future children are healthy and virtuous. Pregnant women should apply a thin layer of cow dung on the stomach and read Sundara Kand if possible.

Must do this work during eclipse time:

Milk, ghee, oil, cheese, pickles, marmalade and adding sesame, kush or basil leaf (Tulsi patra) in food items do not contaminate them during the eclipse period. There is no need to add sesame or kusha to dry food.

        अन्नं पक्वमिह त्याज्यं स्नानं सवसनं ग्रहे।

       वारितक्रारनालादि तिलैदंभौर्न दुष्यते।। 

It is forbidden to do it during sutak and eclipse period:

In the Sutak and Eclipse period, touching the idol, eating unnecessary food, sleeping, oil and oil are prohibited. False-fraud, etc., should be avoided with excessive cutting, nail-biting etc. There is no fault in taking food, medicines etc. as per the requirements of the elderly, patients, children and pregnant women.

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